When?          25 September/Saturday 

08:00 - 18:00, opening at 12 noon

Where?         Sports and recreational complex Kumanovo



The Association for Development of Agriculture and Environmental Protection through Research, Education and Maintenance of Biodiversity "ZIVOT" from Kumanovo is a voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental, non-political association, formed with the free will and association of citizens for the realization and harmonization of their interests, performing activities that aim at improving economic, social, cultural, scientific, professional, technical, humanitarian, educational, agricultural, environmental and other rights, interests and beliefs, for the protection and promotion of regional and rural development in accordance with the Constitution and the Laws of RN Macedonia.


  • Preservation, maintenance, protection and restoration of biodiversity;
  • Protection and sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Protection of human life and health;
  • Promotion of diverse, quality and safe food;
  • Promoting sustainable practices in agriculture and ecology;
  • Raising public awareness of the need for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle;
  • Implementation and improvement of regional resolution measures; and
  • global environmental problems;
  • Promoting agricultural science through research and education;
  • Balanced regional development;
  • Rural development and development and promotion of tourism.


  • Organizing specific program activities;
  • Implementation of projects;
  • Organizing conferences, seminars, trainings and other activities;
  • Encouraging initiatives by the competent authorities and institutions in order to achieve the goals of the Association;
  • Mediation;
  • Research in the fields of agriculture, forestry, water management, ecology, food and environmental management;
  • Production of primary and secondary agricultural products;
  • Environmental protection and regulation;
  • Encouraging the use of renewable natural energy sources;
  • Protecting and promoting natural resources through their sustainable use;
  • Integrated approach to environmental protection and economic development;
  • Providing funds for financing rural development measures and activities;
  •  Strengthening the capacity of rural areas;
  • Developing awareness of the need for environmental protection in the educational process and promoting environmental protection;
  • Education in the field of agriculture and environmental management;
  • Providing consulting services, preparation of studies, plans and assessments.
  •  Other activities in accordance to the Statute.

    The association has no employees, but has a total of 60 members, most of whom are individual farmers, producers of organic agricultural products, organic products of animal origin, organic honey and honey products, organic and traditional dairy products, organic cosmetics, alternative medicine and balm products, wild plant products, organic fertilizers and substrates, organic confectionery and bars, organic juices, marmalades, jams, organic grains, fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, organic coffee, organic vinegar, wine, beer and brandy, sauces, toppings and pates, bakery products, traditional Macedonian products, dishes, manufacturers or distributors of equipment, machinery, packaging, processing and packaging of organic products.

              One of the main goals of the Association “ZIVOT” is to develop initiatives and activities through public-private dialogue to catalyze job creation and economic growth at the regional level, and at the same time to preserve the tradition and the value of old indigenous varieties of agricultural products and traditional recipes in the process of preparation and production of food, with an emphasis on organic products that, if well promoted, have much greater added value. To achieve this goal, each year, the Association organizes an international fair of the organic and traditional products “Organic Gourmet Table” in Kumanovo, Republic of North Macedonia.



    The event, the first of its kind, was organized for the second time the previous year, and it strives to become a tradition because the rural farmers, although operating in the same environments within the same conditions, are still unable to network themselves to exchange experiences and good practices for finding and overcoming the challenges and problems that they face individually and do not recognize the value of their products. By establishing communication with the stakeholders for participating in the event, we met a great deal of interest and positive comments from both the participants and the invited guests at the event.


    Last year, about 120 operators of organic products (producers, traders, importers and exporters) participated in the fair as exhibitors, and the event was attended by over 2000 guests and visitors. Organic food operators from other countries were also contacted and took part at the event: twenty-one exhibitors, representatives of five associations, individual farmers, farms and companies from the Republic Serbia, one company from R. Bulgaria, one Russian and one Indian company, the community of Hungarians, the community of Serbs and the community of Albanians in Macedonia, which gave the event an international character. 

    Apart from the food operators, companies involved in the production and trade of equipment and packaging for processing, packaging, labeling and monitoring of food products, as well as producers and importers, manufacturers and importers of organic products and fertilizers for production, print and electronic media and TV houses, chambers of commerce from home and abroad, as well as diplomatic missions and embassies, participated in the event which restructured it from a simple manifestation into a fair.

    Regarding the list of the presence of most stakeholders involved in the production-sales process, the management team of “ZIVOT “initiated the idea to organize a panel discussion and enable B2B meetings. Based on this idea, a panel discussion discussing the subject "Why should I choose an organic product?" was organized including nutritionists and representatives from the certification companies in the Republic of North Macedonia. The Serbian guests also had a short presentation to share their experiences.

    The fair was an excellent basis for giving visibility to both the products and the producers. Therefore, from the organizational point of view, an area with tables and chairs was provided as well as appropriate materials needed to enable B2B meetings between producers, processors and exporters. The Association “ZIVOT” was the initiator for linking and signing memoranda of cooperation between most stakeholders in the region.

    The event also included an organic lunch where the visitors had an opportunity to taste organic products prepared by the renowned chef Mark de Jong The event was also attended by experts in rural and agricultural development, as well as representatives from the rural tourism development sector, who presented the current field conditions, initiated discussions and made recommendations for further measures and steps for improving life in the rural areas.

    According to the plans and activities of the association, this year the fair will be organized on 12 September.

    The event "Organic Gourmet Table" is implemented with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, through the Programme for Increasing Market Employability - IME.

    ИЗЛАГАЧИ РС Македонија 2021

    Живко Поповски - Цветин, уметник

    Ангелчо Димитриев. Пробиштип

    Компани Моневи, Кочани  

    Зингибeр, Кавадарци

    ИЗЛАГАЧИ Р Србија 2021

    ИЗЛАГАЧИ Црна Гора

    ИЗЛАГАЧИ Косово

    exhibitors North Macedonia 2020

    Здружение Ризница, Куманово

    Заедница на Албанци

    Ангелчо Димитриев. Пробиштип

    Асен Стојнев, рачни ракотворби

    Лејла Рајкова - Од рацете на баба ми

    Нелкоски Органик фуд, Струга

    Македонски ракотворби, Битола

    Сојуз на пчеларски здруженија на Македонија, Скопје

    Зингибeр, Кавадарци

    Компани Моневи, Кочани  

    EXHIBITORS Serbia 2020

    Златекс-Срб, Белград

    Удружење пољопривредника „Агро тим-Југ“, с.Чакановац, Прешево

    Домаќа млекара „Мај плус“, с. Дрежница, Бујановац

    В.О.Д. „Биље Петровац“, с. Петровац, Трговиште

    "PR WHITE STAP 2017", Бујановац

     Пољопривредно газдинство „Ѓорѓевиќ“, с. Житораѓе, Владичин Хан

    Удружење за лековито биље „Биље Баваниште“, Баваниште

    Газ Шпед“, Апатин

    Асоцијација Пољопривредника Пчињског региона, Врање

    EXHIBITORS Albania

    Мед Морава, Корча

    EXHIBITORS Bulgaria 2020

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